History and Mission

History and Mission

Our History

On June 17, 1885, members of the first three graduating classes of Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College met in the Philotechnic Literary Society Hall at the College to discuss ways and means of "perpetuating the memories of college life that would bind the classes of different years and at the same time strengthen the good influence the College might exert through her graduates." After several informal discussions, a motion was made to establish an Alumni Association. Without a dissenting vote this motion was carried and by acclamation a committee was appointed to "retire and frame a report on offices and officers." Another motion was made to establish a committee to draft a constitution and by-laws, which were adopted a year later.

Since its beginning, the university and the MSU Alumni Association have seen many changes. However, what remains the same is the spirit and loyalty of our graduates and friends. Now known as Mississippi State University, there are over 157,000 living graduates who share the same love and devotion as the inaugural group of graduates who established our Association. With more than 100 chapters and clubs around our state, nation and world, our MSU alumni stand strong and are truly "forever maroon and white."

Our Mission

The MSU Alumni Association activates and supports the Bulldog Family, encouraging alumni, students, and friends to grow a lifelong connection with Mississippi State University and inspire their ongoing support toward each other and the university.

Our Vision

To advance Mississippi State University by providing a valued network to the Bulldog Family while cultivating their passion and loyalty to the University and each other through meaningful engagement.

Our Core Values

Service:  We lead through service. We serve our university. We serve the Bulldog Family. We serve our partners. We serve each other. Above all… we serve.

Respect:  We work to create a culture built on the foundation of treating all individuals with mutual respect that is committed to diversity, inclusion, and the belonging of all Bulldogs.

Collaboration:  We are better when we support each other and those we serve. We believe in teamwork and collaboration that lead to greater creativity, coordination, superior solutions, and better outcomes.

Innovation:  We inspire, empower, and provide the resources and environment for innovative ideas to flourish. We welcome new concepts and approaches that lead to creative ideas and solutions.

Integrity:  We conduct ourselves ethically and with honor.  We act in good faith and do so in all our interactions — with the Bulldog Family, with the University community, and within our workplace.

Our Strategic Goals

Build our Community:  Strengthen our alumni community by promoting service, sustaining lifelong relationships, expanding access, and advocating all Bulldogs.

Deepen our Impact:  Increase the impact and reach of the Alumni Association and Mississippi State University through collaborating with Alumni, the University, friends, and partners.

Plan for our Future:  Invest in the tools, skills, processes, and people that will enhance the Alumni Association’s organizational capacity to meet future needs and perform at a high level.

Governing Documents

Constitution of the MSU Alumni Association (PDF)

Bylaws of the MSU Alumni Association (PDF)

Former National Presidents of the MSU Alumni Association 

Present - 2010

Patrick White 2021-2023
Sherri Carr Bevis 2019 - 2021
Brad Reeves, 2017 - 2019
Ron Black, 2015-2017
Thomas R. Roberson, 2013-2015
Camille Scales Young, 2012-2013
Jerry L. Toney, 2011-2012
Karen Dugard Lawler, 2010-2011

1969 - 1960

Thomas R. Howard, 1969
Newman Bolls, 1968
Donald H. Echols, 1967
D. W. Skelton, 1966
Roy C. Adams, 1965
J. Kirk Morgan Jr., 1964
Charles D. Saunders, 1963
Hubert B. Duckworth, 1962
G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery, 1961
Limon C. Murphree, 1960

2000 - 2010

Charles Casio, 2009-2010
A.D. Hunt, 2008-2009
David W. Jones, 2007-2008
Betty L. Black, 2006-2007
Joe L. Bryan, 2005-2006
S. Keith Winfield, 2004-2005
Gary A. Blair, 2003-2004
E. Allen Maxwell Jr., 2002-2003
Robert M. Gathings Jr., 2001-2002
Steve G. Taylor, 2000-2001

1959 - 1950

Jabus C. Redd, 1959
Harris H. Barnes Jr., 1958-1959
Louie C. Spencer, 1957-1958
Duke H. Thornton, 1956-1957
B. U. Jones, 1955-1956
James B. Knight, 1954-1955
Rodney A. Latimer, 1953-1954
W. Frank Turman, 1952-1953
L. O. Palmer, 1951-1952
L. Owen Cooper, 1950-1951

1999 - 1990

Lamar A. Conerly Jr., 1999-2000
Bill Long, 1998
J. Durr Boyles, 1997
Barbara B. Rhoades, 1996
Burton B. Hosch Jr., 1995
Walter D. Becker Jr., 1994
Jackie L. Ford, 1993
William H. Gillon III, 1992
R. Dale Hodges, 1991
Ronnie L. Walton, 1990

1949 - 1940

S. R. Evans Sr., 1949-1950
Dallas C. Vandevere, 1948-1949
Curtis B. Cameron, 1947-1948
George D. Perry, 1946-1947
James A. McGraw, 1945-1946
Whitney E. Smith, 1942-1945
John C. Stennis, 1941-1942
Claude C. Smith, 1940-1941

1989 - 1980

L. Clay McWilliams, 1989
Ray R. Price Jr., 1988
Montie L. Ramsey, 1987
William S. Twitty, 1986
Thomas L. Stennis II, 1985
William E. French, 1984
Charles S. McElroy, 1983
Billy W. Howard, 1982
William P. Furr, 1981
Clyde S. Pace, 1980

1939 - 1930

Robert  D. Morrow Sr., 1937-1940
J. E. Adams, 1935-1936
Ransom E. Aldrich, 1933-1934
Clayton T. Rand, 1931-1932
Lewis I. Jones, 1929-1931

1979 - 1970

Charles L. Brown Jr., 1979
Carl R. Montgomery, 1978
John W. Rial, 1977
John O. Paxton, 1976
E. H. Walker Jr., 1975
William L. Watson, 1974
Tommy Everett, 1973
Joseph E. Ruffin, 1972
Omar D. Craig, 1971
Robert W. Thames, 1970

1929 - 1885

M. Ames Saunders, 1925-1929
Thomas P. Guyton, 1923-1925
T. Mitchell Robinson, 1921-1923
Robert S. Wilson, 1919-1921
David C. Hull, 1916-1919
William W. Magruder Sr., 1914-1916
Isham H. Evans, 1910-1914
Julian J. Gill, 1908-1910
E. L. Robbins, 1906-1908
John C. Herbert, 1902-1906
William W. Magruder Sr., 1898-1902
J. W. Fox, 1896-1898
T. B. Stone, 1894-1896
John H. Connell, 1892-1894
Buzz M. Walker, 1890-1892
James M. White, 1889-1890
H. H. Harrington, 1886-1889
Robert M. Beattie, 1885-1886

Maroon and White - Alma Mater

Words by T. Paul Haney Jr.
Music by Henry E. Wamsley

In the heart of Mississippi,
Made by none but God's own hands,
Stately in her nat'ral splendor
Our Alma Mater proudly stands;
Mississippi State we love you,
Fondest mem'ries cling to thee,
Life shall bear thy spirit ever,
Loyal friends we'll always be.

Maroon and White! Maroon and White!
Of thee with joy we sing;
Thy colors bright our souls delight,
With praise our voices ring.