Legacy Program

Legacy Program

What is the Legacy Program?

The MSU Legacy Program helps you "wrap your kids in Maroon and White” starting from their first birthday. Your child will receive a birthday card and a special gift from the Alumni Association each year. The MSU Alumni Association wants to help your child or grandchild feel like a part of the Bulldog family as you raise them in Maroon and White.

How do I register my child/grandchild for the Legacy Program?

As an MSU alum, to register your child or grandchild for the Legacy Program, you must simply be an active member of the Alumni Association. Active membership is achieved through an annual gift to the university.

Once you have confirmed your active membership, complete the registration form for each of your students. You need to complete a separate form for each child that you would like to register. Any child under 17 years old is eligible to join the program.

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Have you recently moved?

Contact Sykes Zimmerman at or (662) 325-2284.

What gifts will my child/grandchild receive?

Your child or grandchild will receive a special gift personalized for Bulldogs and suitable for the child's age.

Hover over the image below for gift details.

Legacy Gifts
Activity Book
Activity Book: Available on 4th birthday.
School Kit
School Kit: Available on 6th birthday.
Bully Stress Toy
Bully Stress Toy: Available on 8th birthday.
Baby Bib
Baby Bib: Available on 1st birthday.
Reusable Straw
Reusable Straw: Available on 8th birthday.
Paw Print Tattoos
Paw Print Tattoos:
Available on 3rd birthday.
MSU Shoe Laces
MSU Shoe Laces:
Available on 5th birthday.
Small Cowbell
Small Cowbell:
Available on 2nd birthday.
Available on 9th birthday.
Available on 7th birthday.
Burb Cloth
Burb Cloth:
Available on 1st birthday.
Phone Holder
Phone Holder:
Available on 16th birthday.
Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker:
Available on 17th birthday.
Phone Wallet
Phone Wallet:
Available on 12th birthday.
Available on 10th birthday.
Pop Socket
Pop Socket:
Available on 11th birthday.
Tech Tattoos
Tech Tattoos:
Available on 15th birthday.
Cowbell Flash-drive
Cowbell Flash-Drive:
Available on 17th birthday.
Air Pod Case
Air Pod Case:
Available on 12th birthday.
Car Decal
Car Decal:
Available on 16th birthday.
Available on 13th birthday.
Available on 14th birthday.
Birthday Card
Birthday Card:
With every birthday!

Future Bulldog Certificate

Image saying "Mississippi State University Welcomes to the Bulldog (tm) Family!"

You're proud of your new baby and you're proud to be a Mississippi State alumnus. Show the world where your baby will go to college. Certificates are intended for children 10 years of age or younger. Fill out the form and you will receive a personalized certificate, signed by President Mark E. Keenum.


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