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The Reveille 25

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The Mississippi State University Alumni Association continuously strives to find meaningful ways to engage with the diverse, ever-growing Bulldog family. Recognizing the need to acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments of more of the university’s young alumni, the association launched The Reveille 25 in 2021. 

The familiar name of the signature program derives from MSU’s former yearbook, The Reveille, which chronicled student life throughout the institution’s history. Moreover, as a signal sounded to wake members of the armed forces, the word “reveille” also serves as a tribute to the university’s foundational military heritage.

Accordingly, this signature program will annually honor 25 high achieving, young alumni who are “answering the call” of the university’s mission for excellence, and inspiring others through the positive impact they are making in their communities and professions.

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*If you are nominated, you must complete an application form to be considered for the Reveille 25.

For questions or additional information, contact the MSU Alumni Association at 662-325-7000.

To learn more about the 2024 Reveille 25 Honorees:

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