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Career Resources Central

Need to research a company you’re interested in? Trying to get an idea of average salaries in a certain field? Looking to start grad school? You are going to love this list of career resources

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External Job Postings Hub

Our staff has researched and compiled an extensive list of job listing sites to give you a centralized hub to search and apply for career opportunities.  These links are to external sites that may change periodically. 

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Career Document Library

A compilation of documents and resources from the MSU Career Center to assist Alumni in navigating their career exploration and job search.

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Connections Job Database

Connections is MSU's online recruitment system and is a great option to MSU Alumni to look for full-time job opportunities, upload resumes for recruiters to review, scheduling on campus interviews, or checking out what companies are coming to campus.

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Career Management Webinars

Check out our library of recorded webinars and presentations from the MSU Career Center.  These cover a wide variety of topics that can assist you in managing your career search process.

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Hire A Dawg

Interested in hiring MSU students and Alumni and recruiting at MSU? Get the word out about opportunities at your company to talented Bulldogs located around the world.

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MSU Career Center

The MSU Career Center provides MSU Alumni access to a variety of Career Center services/events at no charge.

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Career Programs and Events

The MSU Career Center hosts a variety of events throughout the year that are open to MSU Student and Alumni.