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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT - Cameron Cummings

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT - Cameron Cummings

 Cameron CummingsCameron Cummings, a software engineering sophomore at Mississippi State University, originally from Huntsville, Alabama, aims to safeguard people from the various dangers of cyberspace. 

Cameron’s decision to major in software engineering with a focus on cybersecurity was heavily influenced by a memorable cybersecurity class he took during his junior year of high school. During his time at Bob Jones High School, one class stood out and set him on his journey. 

“I took a cyber security class in my junior year of high school,” Cameron shares.  “I had a great teacher who was also my cross-country coach. After I took that class, I delved further into the cybersecurity industry and enjoyed learning more about it and its future in our ever-growing technological world.” 

Over the summer, Cameron had an opportunity to intern at MAD Security, a prominent Managed Security Services Provider in Huntsville's Research Park. The company, operating non-stop throughout the year, had made an impression on Cameron when they were called to handle a significant cybersecurity breach at his high school in 2021. Cameron secured an internship position by leveraging a prior connection with the company's president. 

Cameron served as a Tier 1 SOC Analyst, designing programs and monitoring security using Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools. A regular day would start with a team meeting, dissecting the previous night's security alerts, and strategizing for the day. He notes, "This ritual offered a daily dose of real-world cybersecurity challenges." 

Cameron faced multiple challenges during his internship, from deciphering the complexities of SIEM systems to practicing penetration testing. However, with determination and guidance from seasoned professionals, he bridged the skill gap, honing his expertise in tools like Alien Vault and Connect Wise. 

The insights and experiences from this internship have further solidified Cameron's passion while on his academic journey at MSU. "The ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity emphasized the quintessence of continuous learning. This internship ignited a drive for knowledge and adaptability within me, underscoring the need to stay informed in this dynamic field. 

Reflecting on his summer experience, Cameron's primary takeaways include the importance of analytical skills in the cybersecurity domain, the value of team-based problem-solving, and the essence of continuous learning.  

Cameron advises fellow Bulldogs on how to make the most of their time at MSU: "Engage deeply with MSU's resources. Build relationships, immerse in extracurriculars, and embrace the opportunities for personal and professional growth."