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Mississippi State University affinity license plates can now be purchased in four states across the South.

Mississippi State car tags are now available in Alabama!


Q:  Is it too late to participate in the precommitment for the MSU car tag in AL?
A:  Yes, we have reached the 1,000 necessary to guarantee production.

Q:  Since I was not able to participate in the 1,000 who precommitted, can I still buy the car tag?
A:  Yes, you can purchase at the time of your renewal*.

Q:  What is the cost to purchase the MSU car tag in AL?
A:  $50 in addition to your renewal fee.

Q:  For those who participated in the 1,000 precommitted tags, what are next steps?
A:  The AL DOR will begin production of our MSU tags. It generally takes 2 to 3 months to print then ship the tags to the county tag office.

Q:  How will I know when my precommitted tag is ready?
A:  The AL DOR will determine the issue date then will send an email to all who precommitted letting them know when the tags will be available at their county tag office.

Q:  How do I claim my precommitted tag?
A:  You should have received a receipt (redemption voucher) once you submitted your precommitment. Take that into the county tag office to claim your tag. If you do not have the receipt, the county official can log onto MVTRIP (tag commitment) to verify the commitment.

Q:  Do I have to wait for my renewal month to claim my precommitted tag?
A:  No, but you will need to surrender your current tag to the county official before you will be issued the MSU tag. Credit for the surrendered tag will be given. An additional $50 will be assessed since the fee is due with each renewal.

Q:  Will Mississippi State receive any of the revenue from MSU car tags precommitted or purchased in the future?
A:  No. All revenue generated from the tags will stay in AL.

*According to the AL DOR it will be 2 to 3 months before production is complete. This FAQ was posted March 5.

Mississippi MSU Car TagThere is no better way to show your loyalty and pride in Mississippi State than owning an official MSU license plate. Over 22,000 drivers in MS, AL, TN and TX help promote our university in this way. Displaying this tag will let everyone know, wherever you drive, that Mississippi State University is your institution of choice! Join the phenomenon next time you renew your tag.

In Mississippi, tags may be purchased through your county tax collector’s office and the cost of a collegiate license plate is approximately $53.50 per year in addition to the normal cost, and $32.50 of that fee goes directly to help fund priority programs at our university.

The MSU license plate is available to Tennessee residents who are registering a private passenger motor vehicle through each county clerk's office. The annual fee is $56.50 - 80% of the additional $35 collected is allocated to the Tennessee Arts Commission and 20% to the Highway Fund. The plate can be personalized with 5 characters available for a total cost of $91.50.

Texas MSU car tagThe Texas tag, which was designed, marketed and sold by MyPlates.com, is available for purchase from the Texas Department of Transportation. Tags can be purchased during your normal renewal and the cost depends on the style, as there are a few different options. Click here to design and order your MSU Texas car tag! 

Ten percent (10%) of the cost goes to a scholarship fund for Texas students who attend Mississippi State.

Click here to see how many MSU license plates are on the road in Mississippi.

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