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There is no better way to show your loyalty and pride in Mississippi State than owning an official MSU license plate. Over 15,000 MS drivers and over 1,000 TN drivers help promote our university in this way. Displaying this tag will let everyone know, wherever you drive, that Mississippi State University is your institution of choice! Join the phenomenon next time you renew your tag.

In Mississippi, tags may be purchased through your county the tax collector’s office and the cost of a collegiate license plate is only $53.50 per year in addition to the normal cost, and $32.50 of that fee goes directly to help fund priority programs at our university.

In addition, the MSU license plate is available to Tennessee residents who are registering a private passenger motor vehicle. The annual fee is $56.50 - 80% of the additional $35 collected is allocated to the Tennessee Arts Commission and 20% to the Highway Fund. The plate can be personalized with 5 characters available for a total cost of $91.50.

Click here to see how many MSU license plates are on the road in Mississippi.

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