We are proud to have alumni across the country that contribute on our university’s student recruiting efforts. You have the opportunity to share your MSU experiences and passion with the next generation of Mississippi State University Bulldogs by joining the Alumni Recruitment Network.

By joining the Alumni Recruitment Network, you will receive e-newsletters updating you on on MSU's student recruiting efforts. There are multiple ways to choose to get involved when you complete the registration form. Learn more below about how you can recruit students near you to become Bulldogs and join today!

 Maroon Mail Writers

You can influence a student’s decision to choose MSU with the personal touch of a handwritten note. Whether you are writing to high school seniors in your city, those interested in studying in your field, or students looking to become first generation college graduates, your nudge towards MSU can make the ultimate impact.

 Bully's College Fair Crew

Take part in sharing Mississippi State University's story with students at high schools near you by represent MSU at a college fair. We want maroon and white in high schools all across the country, and with your help we can make it happen!

 Hail State Event Reps

One of the most engaging ways to recruit students is by hosting them at a home or local venue to learn more about your alma mater. In-home and local events give students a taste of the hospitality that runs through MSU’s campus, and it gives you the opportunity to spread the maroon and white in your community.