Official MSU Class Ring

History of the MSU Class Ring

Mississippi State University has had the same ring design since 1935, when H.F. “Slim” Allen and L.G. Balfour created the official ring of our University. The design has remained consistent, and the ring has been a way for Bulldogs all over the world to connect to one another. 

The top of the ring displays the University name and the date of its founding encircling a brilliant garnet (maroon) stone. The two star dividers recognize Mississippi State and the state of Mississippi's involvement in any armed conflicts through 1878.

The ring is decorated on top by a maroon stone encircled by the words “Mississippi State University” and the year 1878. On either there are busts of important figures to this university, Stephen D. Lee (the University’s first president) and Bully (our mascot).

They are emblazoned on a coat of arms that signifies the military involvement and leadership that has decorated the long and illustrious history of MSU. The customizable features available to all who purchase a ring is the ability to have your class year, as well as your degree on the sides of the ring.

All of this combines to create a truly unique tradition that all Bulldogs can be proud of!

Class Ring Designs

 Gold Natural  Celestrium Antique  Gold Antique
  • The mens' and ladies' design feature an antique finish and are available in 10kt, or 14kt, white or yellow gold, and celestrium, a fine jewelers stainless.
  • The sides are personalized with your graduation year and degree letters and engraving is available on the inside of the ring.
  • An encrusting of MSU or Greek Letters may be placed on the smooth cut, synthetic garnet (maroon) stone that sits atop the ring.

Other Options 

The Official pin/pendant, established in 2007 with input from currently enrolled students, features the seal of Mississippi State University, is surrounded by alternating garnets and cubic zirconias and is available in 10kt white or yellow gold. As an option, diamonds are available in place of the cubic zirconias.

Class Ring Eligibility

  • Undergraduate students are eligible to purchase the official class ring after completing 60 credit hours and graduate students must complete all degree requirements.
  • Transfer students are eligible to purchase the official ring after completing 30 MSU hours.
  • Alumni who have completed the undergraduate or graduate requirements are invited to purchase the official class ring, pin or pendant. 

For more information or to order your Official Mississippi State Class Ring or Pendant:
Call Libba Andrews in the Alumni office at 662-325-3479 or email her at or order online at

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